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JimmyMack Bio

JimmyMack is an American Rapper, Producer and co-owner of Senshi Entertainment with business partner Adrian “Meta” Lowe

JimmyMack is a hip-hop songwriter, producer and performer in the Orlando Florida Area. JimmyMack is also an Entrepreneur and businessman and an independent artist who co-owns Senshi Entertainment LLC. A new label based in the Orlando Florida Area. 

Born James Mack Rice in 1971 in New York City, He was influenced by the origination of hip hop and artist as a child in the Bronx New York. JimmyMack is influenced by multiple artist stemming from older artist like Grand master Flash, Run DMC LL. Cool J Jay to today’s artist Eminem and Jay-Z and West coast artist such as Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre E-40. Jimmy is also influenced by artist such as Two Chainz and Da baby, and T.I. 

JimmyMack moved as a child to Fairfield, California and along with his two friends created the rap group K-jam a group focused in battling and performing and grew very popular in the Bay area in the 80’s  

Later James “JimmyMack” Rice left California to pursue a career in the Military.  During his military career JimmyMack performed in the military circuit through Europe as an D.J. and Em-Cee in Germany and military post through out the U.S. during that time Jimmy completed college and received his master’s degree in Business and Marketing 

JimmyMack later retired from the music world for 10 years. In 2018 JimmyMack and Adrian Lowe both former members of K-Jam decided to again pursue a career in music.  But this time Jimmy Mack and Adrian decided to create a company and build a fanbase with their own formula for making timeless music. 

JimmyMack Music

OIA : Released 2019

Method2mymadness E.P.  : 2000 released March 28, 2020

Jimmy Scheduled to be Released Summer of 2021

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